Who am I?

Hi im Hazwan. Currently a part-time college student and a full-time Ultimate Frisbee enthusiast. It may sound ridiculous but its true, most of my days in a week I’d spend most of my time playing ultimate than focusing on my studies (I know it’s a problem).

What’s with the blog?

A lot of my friends would say this (once they know about it) but here goes. Lets just say that I have always had a dying interest to do this blogging. Why now? you might ask, well I’ll just quote the saying “if not now, when?” yes yes I know its kind of clique to say it but it’s true. For the past 2 years I’ve been thinking “what am I going to talk about?” was it going to be about my experiences as a graphic designer, was it about my daily struggles or what not. Then it hit me, why don’t I talk about my ultimate life? well, there you go that’s what’s with the blog.