My Overview of BRL 2017

BRL_ORG (2)2017’s BARA Rainy League also known as BRL has officially ended a few weeks ago (April 23rd to be exact). This year was my second time joining the league and was my debut playing with Have You Seen My Disc? (HYSMD). The league started around mid February and was held at least twice a month. This year’s league same goes as every year has its ups and downs and I’ve narrowed down some, so check it out below.


  1. Freebies was way better than last year! (I don’t really like bottles)
  2. Medals were AMAZING!!!
  3. Appreciation awards!!
  4. Weather during game season was great (thats a plus)
  5. Teams are getting more competitive


  1. Games were held only at one place this year (sadly no road trips)
  2. Teams are getting physical (downsides of being too competitive)


The downsides that i mentioned might be seen as nit picky since the league was organized pretty well (Much appreciation to Yasmin Patera hehe). Games weren’t held at other districts due to complications which was understandable, but if there we no problems we could’ve played at Tutong district and Belait district and played at other fields (MENGLAIT :(…) but oh well the game must go on. Vikings ended up being the champions of this year’s league while Hurricanes took 2nd place and Troopers 3rd place respectively (congratulations!!).

This year’s standings

We had a championships weekend this year (BARA Ultimate Championships) which is kind of new. I’m saying that because every awarding ceremony of the league we had some kind tournament that was free for participants of the league (same as BUC) however it didn’t officially had a name for it.

Playing With The Team

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As I mentioned, this year was my first year playing the league with HYSMD. Since I played with the team earlier before (started around June 2016?) the process of coping up with the team’s gameplay strategy was easy for me. However, that wasn’t the case for some of my teammates. You see, I am not the only player playing league with the team for the first time this year. Some coped up pretty quickly while some do not. This was clearly seen towards the span of the league. I could confidently say that we as a team could’ve done better. Attendance on training I could say would be the major factor.

Anyways we played the best as we could and thats whats important. We’ll do better next year. Oh I forgot to mention, HYSMD got awarded the Spirit of The Game Award!

-Hazwan Hassan-


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