It begins.


Santai, Forever First 7 2017

After years of contemplating with myself (to do or not to do) I finally did it. Here it is, my very own blog. What am I looking for at the outcome of this? I don’t know to be honest, but for what it is certain is that fame is not what it is. What’s important right now is to find out whether or not this is the platform that i’ve been searching for all this time.

What platform? you might ask, well a platform where I can share my life stories and experiences (specifically my ultimate life). I’ve tried vlogging and it sorta works but generally i don’t really have the time to shove my camera right in front of my face, and most importantly vlogging is not a good way to represent my ultimate stories. So, thats how I end up here. Maybe blogging is the platform.

So, join me for a ride of your lifetime! (you’re just wasting your time).

BARA Rainy League 2017

Who am I?

If you checked the about page I’d already introduced myself. Well, since i have nothing to talk about right now might as well for you readers to get to know about me a little bit better. Okay, lets begin. My name is Hazwan Hassan, I’m currently 20 years of age and still a student at Laksamana College of Business. If you didn’t “catch the drift” I am an Ultimate Frisbee enthusiast. I’ve been playing Ultimate non stop since 2013 and currently playing for Have You Seen My Disc? (HYSMD).

How did I get into Ultimate?

My interest in Ultimate goes way back before I even played. I would say around my secondary school years I would say around 2011. I would constantly watch replays of AUDL and MLU and watch tutorials on how to do backhands and forehands via Youtube. Why did I start late? well, the main reasoning was because the ultimate community in Brunei wasn’t that well known as it is now. The younger me didn’t even realize that such sport already stepped foot in the country. Then 2013 came, that was the year when I finally got exposed to the community. From that time onwards ultimate frisbee has been an integral part of my life. From a school team, to a small team, then to being a floating player and now a player for one of the well known teams in Brunei from a struggling newbie who didn’t know to a thing or two about the rules to a player who can now contest in the field I can confidently say that THE STRUGGLES TO GET THERE WERE REAL but I’ve been loving it every step of the way. But that is not the end of my journey, It had barely just begun! so, heres to more struggles and happiness!!

HYSMD?, Seahorse City Challenge 2017

-Hazwan Hassan-


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