Meow Meow Hats Here We Go!

Alas! I got the slot for Meow Meow Hats!!! Heres why I’m excited for the tournament. (1) It’ll be my first Hat Tournament outside Brunei (2) Going to Kuching Again!! (3) Vacation!!!!!!!!   The tournament will be held at Kuching, Malaysia on the 30th to 1st October 2017. Soo looking forward to it!!! However, what […]

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My Overview of BRL 2017

2017’s BARA Rainy League also known as BRL has officially ended a few weeks ago (April 23rd to be exact). This year was my second time joining the league and was my debut playing with Have You Seen My Disc? (HYSMD). The league started around mid February and was held at least twice a month. […]

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